3 Levels of Wealth

First Level

Financial Stability (we call it The Safe Haven)

If your personality is such that you can only relax when things are predictable and regular (with little risk involved) you need investment that provides financial stability. You might be retired, or planning for retirement, and want to protect your capital with a better than average return. You are the person who is happy enough to give up the higher ROI attainable on risky investments, for more peace of mind. Our safe haven model can show you an individually tailored and discreet investment option, providing a secure rate of return, with capital guarantees. If you enjoy the comfort of a capital guaranteed investment, earning 7.5% per annum, join us in this ideal investment vehicle.

Second Level

Financial Freedom (we call it High Risk, High Return)

Everyone is unique and not everyone has an appetite for risk, but for those who do, the rewards can be great. HRHR is reserved for the elite few and you need a long term view and an appetite for risk. But for those with that appetite, the sky is the limit. If you enjoy 200-300% return on your investment, and are willing to run some risk for it, then our HRHR concept was made for you. Be a shareholder in a plan that involves a mix of property, shares and P2P lending that is fully managed and puts 15-20% or so back onto your capital every year. Compound that for 5 years and see the results.

Third Level

Financial Abundance (we call it Invitation Only)

Forget about 401K’s, bonds and fixed deposits. You would rather watch grass grow than invest in that stuff. For the right personality there may be an invitation to be part of an investment that only the ‘invited ones’ can ever experience. Become a banker and enjoy the rewards of the spoils. The risks to capital are always there, of course, but the rewards you receive are beyond what the normal investor can be part of. This is the ultimate investment.