NQA Capital – better than a bank

Are you looking for a better place to put your money. Traditional banks have become so intrusive into our lives that many people are seeking an alternative. If you’ve experienced a plethora of questions from your bank, every time you want to withdraw funds, then maybe it’s time you looked at an alternative.

Join our program, known as NQA Capital, and enjoy access to our investment banking opportunities that give you piece of mind, without the questions.

You can place funds on call and earn 1.25% per annum, funds on fixed deposit for 3 years and earn 7.5% per annum, or even invest in our HRHR (high risk-high return) funds for 5 years and enjoy an outsized ROI.

And of course, you can place some funds across all 3 options, but either way, when you want your money back you won’t’ be subjected to an interrogation for your own hard earned funds.

NQA Capital, our alternative to traditional banking, has a strong belief- that your money is your business and no-one else’s business.


Contact us today and let’s chat about what’s on your mind.